Legal consulting group STATUS is an association of professionals, who will help your business to build effective and partnership relations with your counterparts.

  • negotiations with the counterparts as a mediator for complicated organization and financial problemsий
  • counterparts obligations fulfillment support (pre-judicial or judicial procedures, bailiff procedures)
  • organizational-legal assistance and support of any insolvency or bankruptcy procedures
  • maintenance and supervision of complicated transactions, including mergers and acquisitions
  • organizational-legal assistance and support for project investing and investments supervision
  • optimal assets management and supervision


LCG Status was founded in 1999 for professional support in different business relationships concerning:

LCG Status has considerable experience of creditor/debitor negotiations. Such an experience allows us to be an effective mediator for communication construction and to find various beneficial solutions for all participants of legal relationships.
Nearly 40% of our partners’ and clients’ cases were resolved during the negotiations with the counterparts.

We provide our assistance in receiving different kinds of information about your partners and counterparts finding assets and counterparts connections. We are the key partner for Russia of “Kobre&Kim” investigating agency (world leading investigator agency)
We create and develop complex judicial strategies, prepare necessary documents and accompany all court sessions on behalf of our clients and partners. More than 20-year of judicial experience in general courts and commercial courts
We create and develop complex strategies to protect clients and partners interests and accompany our clients and partners at every stage of all kinds of penal procedures More than 20-year of penal procedures maintenance
Considerable experience in banks sanations allows us effectively manage bank credit assets by developing debts collection procedures from individuals as well as from companies and corporations. More than 10-year experience with under-sanation banks and effective fulfillment of financial recovery plans.
We create, accompany and apply complex strategies of participation and maintenance bankruptcy procedures for our clients and partners on behalf of creditors as well as of debtors. More than 15-year experience bankruptcy procedures maintenance, including bankruptcy of strategically and huge industry enterprises.
We accompany debts collection during bailiff service procedures (including retrieval, blocking, retention of debtors’ assets) in the interests of our clients and partners. More than 20-year experience of maintenance of bailiff service procedures.




average number of consultations per month


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We cooperate with such organizations

– Collection agency “Status”, Moscow
– Investigation agency “Status”, Moscow
– ZPartners law firm, Moscow
MZS law firm, Moscow
– International lawyers union, Moscow
– Association for business cooperation “Business assistance service”, Moscow
– Russian auction hose, Moscow
– Samara region Advocate Chamber, Samara
– Ivanovo region Advocate Chamber, Ivanovo
– Kostroma region Advocate Chamber, Kostroma
– Volga-legal law firm, Samara
Regional development fund, Samara
– Sberbank-capital, Moscow
– Alfa-capital investments company, Moscow

Dmitrii Sviridov

Chief executive officer

“Customers rely on our experience. For 20 years, we have successfully cope with the most complex requests.”

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